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Friday round-ups begin next week

While I am painfully aware that there is very little traffic here, I am going to ask if you see an interesting article about job hunting, careers, management, or anything that pertains to work in general please use the contact

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Feeling stuck?

This is in response to a comment from Ask a Manager, a blog I just discovered while I was setting this one up. I’m already spending way too much time over there. On a comment I made about not getting

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Confessions of a Middle Manager – Part 1 of many

I do not work hard. No middle manager works hard. Any middle manager who says they work hard probably has a bunch of employees who wish they didn’t. Let me ask, what is difficult about middle management? I’ve been in

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Why this blog?

I have always been personally fascinated by people who would share the unfiltered good, bad, and ugly about what they do for a living. I’ve also committed myself to helping others improve in their professional lives as we’ve all got

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