Why this blog?

I have always been personally fascinated by people who would share the unfiltered good, bad, and ugly about what they do for a living. I’ve also committed myself to helping others improve in their professional lives as we’ve all got to earn a living somehow. Along the way I’ve discovered that careers are not the linear events they make them out to be in college. I’m attempting to take these three concepts and merge them together here to give people a very honest look about work, working with their manager, managing a career of their own, and sharing my perspective with other leaders.

Really, there is no good support system for managers because we’re expected to be the alpha dogs in our particular “pack”. That’s rough because there are people who want to advance but don’t really see what their career path is, how to get on it, and what kinds of challenges they face.

I’ve been personally mentoring technologists and prospective technology managers for the past 8 years. Much of my perspective is in the technology field but I have mentored individuals in other fields as well. My goal is to reach out to as many people looking for advice as I can. I’m not perfect and I haven’t done it all, but I’ve got a diverse body of experience behind me and I did start out at the bottom. Since arriving at the middle I have to admit that my perspective has changed greatly. Everyday I deal with all layers of the organization and I never know if I’ll be dealing with issues with line level employees or in a meeting with a C-Level executive. I love what I do, I love my job, and I enjoy working with my teams. I want everyone to have that same feeling so I’ll be sharing my experiences, my successes, my failures, and my advice.

Along the way I invite you to send me any question you have about work, careers, or advancement. Too few people who have climbed the corporate ladder act like the knowledge to succeed should be sacrosanct. I don’t believe that. I believe looking for tomorrow’s leaders is the mission of every current leader of an organization. So feel free to send me questions and share your stories and as I can I will share them on this blog.

Hope to talk to you soon!

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