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I Rank Everything – The Fast and the Furious film franchise

I’m going to start out this series with a film series I just recently completed. I’m ignoring the web spin-offs for now and just focusing on the feature films. In general I find these films to be great “popcorn flicks”.

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Friday Round-Up: Revenge of the Blogs Part 2

Not much research got done this week. I’m not promising any blog posts but I’ve got some TED Talks to watch next week and I may get some thoughts up here next month on them. That’s going to be a

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On Momentum

We don’t do enough with momentum in the workplace. I tend to think of momentum in military terms. A lot about breaking down an offensive is sapping it’s momentum. We need momentum on projects because when they stop moving forward

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Authority, influence, and how to have both regardless of job title

I won’t lie, I jockey for job title all the time. Not that I think job titles are important, but I know they are important to some people and they become useful leverage in conversations. That said, your job title

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How not to be a dinosaur

I am amused and angered by ageism in the technology field. The notion is that those who are older and experienced are too used to doing things a certain way, that they can’t adapt, and that they can’t keep up

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The Firing of George

When I first heard about George Zimmer’s ouster from Men’s Wearhouse (source) I thought it was handled extremely poor. After processing this for awhile and seeing some of the reactions, I think there is a lesson to be learned here

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New series this Saturday – I rank everything

Just to give my handful of readers something on Saturdays, I am going to start posting a weekly series in which I rank from worst to best the different installments of various series. This could be film, books, characters from

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