Friday Round-Up

Another Friday another round-up. Here’s the best I read last week.

Here’s some advice I wish I’d had a few years ago. How to survive an S-O-B. Maybe I should send this to all my employees?

I’m all about helping people find jobs, and this article has 6 ways to secretly sabotage your job interview. I’ve experienced every one of these.

I discovered Leadershipfreak this week. It was tough, but I really think this post on The Radical power of firsts was his best.

These articles are always fascinating. The CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase talks about the essential hallmarks of a good leader

In light of the article last week about how you might never find out why you didn’t get the job, here is a great take from someone in HR about what you should tell rejected candidates.

This article just hits home in so many ways. Read about this lack of retail leadership. If this doesn’t describe at least one shopping experience you’ve had in the last week, I want to move where you are.

If you have an article or blog post you’d like to share and have posted next Friday, send it to me via the Contact Me link.

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3 comments on “Friday Round-Up
  1. Justin Buck says:

    Thanks for the mention, Rob! Check back with me on Monday for my take on how to address these problems in almost any business.

  2. Jen says:

    What, no link to “how not to write a review after an interview”?

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