It is all about attitude

In my constant search for perspective and information I stumbled across a blog I thought looked promising. As I started to peruse their posts I realized that every single one was negative. The author hated her job, hated her customers, hated her co-workers, and hated her boss. The entire blog was dedicated to her non-stop ranting about how awful her job was.

Here is my caveat. You have the right to get annoyed and you have the right to be angry. I’m sure at some point I’ll be posting some rants of my own in due time. The world is not a happy place full of puppies and rainbows. With that out of the way, do not bathe in negativity.

I realized as I closed out this incredibly negative blog that her attitude is going to stop her from ever ascending from her current position. I can’t think of any business I’ve been involved with since I started working that ever promoted anyone who had a negative view of their work. I have even worked with people who are very good at their jobs, but their attitude has prevented them from advancing. You don’t have to love your work, but you cannot hate it.

This same negativity can prevent you from finding other work as well. If that is how you feel all the time it will come out in an interview. Savvy interviewers are good at drawing out those behaviors.

I know that there are people that are just in a bad situation. Sometimes the boss is bad, sometimes the job is bad, sometimes the customer is bad. When everything is universally bad all the time? The problem is probably you.

You control your own attitude, and making the best of a bad situation speaks much more highly of you than complaining about every petty thing that annoys you.

Adopting a positive attitude in a negative environment can be difficult but it will open far more doors than embracing the negativity and allowing it to define you.

One last piece of advice. Think about energy. You only have so much. I don’t mean this in a zen metaphysical sense, I mean the energy you need to sustain you. The energy you build up by consuming food and resting. Negativity requires energy to sustain. I can be angry in short bursts, but if I really have my hate on I have to fuel it to keep it up. Being angry with someone over a long period of time takes away energy I could use to be solving a problem or coming up with an alternative. Don’t waste energy, conserve it. I find I am much more mentally exhausted when I am trying to hold onto a grudge. There’s nothing you can gain from that for yourself.

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