Friday Round-Up: Blogtastic Edition

New Friday, new Round-up. Just a hint, I’ll happily take submissions if anyone will send me some. I love reading other people’s experiences, ideas, and perspectives.

I think Justin Buck is just trying to go for two in a row. His follow-up to last week’s post on retail leadership solutions is a must read.

This next post was just odd timing since I had been putting together some thoughts on this myself. This is a much more extensive look at the whole “having it all” drive that is pressuring women in the wrong way.

Not really career advice, but I did enjoy some thoughts on being a boss for the first time.

Furthermore, the title of this post says everything you need to know about your career. You are in charge of your career. Don’t ever think otherwise.

Some fashion advice for job seekers? Bring. It. On.

This was all over the news, but I saw it here first. Google stops asking impossible brain teasers at interviews. I have friends at Google, I would be surprised if they would have put up with this nonsense in their interviews.

I’ve mentioned before that I used to be a software engineer. I love this take on coding once again. Very tempting to get back in the game.

Last but not least, if you are a recent college graduate looking for work, check out these 9 tips to secure a job after graduation.

Thanks for reading. Next Monday I’m going to post some thoughts on the handling of George Zimmer and the Men’s Wearhouse.

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11 comments on “Friday Round-Up: Blogtastic Edition
  1. Scott Powell says:

    My comment is a suggestion!

    Take a look at frank kerns core influence video on YouTube.

    Love to hear your opinion of what frank had to say Rob.

    Have a great weekend

    I AM

    SP Out!!!

    • Rob Aught says:

      You keep giving me homework, Scott.

      Hopefully after next week when I start to see some slowdown I can catch up. Somewhere in all this I need to talk about some of the excellent resources I have used to help me evolve as a leader. I definitely did not just figure this job out all by myself.

  2. Justin Buck says:

    Thanks for your kind words of encouragement, Rob. If you’ve got coding skills in this economy, you’re set up to rock a very successful side business! Entrepreneurs everywhere have an idea for how to take their business to the next level on the internet but don’t have the skills to build the websites and/or apps needed to make those visions a reality.

    • Rob Aught says:

      It’s one thing to complain, something else entirely to suggest solutions. There is no reason why the retail experience has to be so poor. All the same, I’m glad I decided not to pursue a retail career.

  3. Jon J-B says:

    Thanks for the Share, Rob!

  4. Edwin Ritter says:

    Rob, Thanks for the shout out and glad you enjoyed my post on coding once again. How tempted are you? 😉 Have a great weekend!

    • Rob Aught says:

      The whole achievement aspect of Code Academy makes it much too videogame-like and with my past experience it is tempting to see how much I could earn.

      Dangerous territory.

  5. Scott Powell says:

    Yo yo Rob, the only reason I am asking for your feedback is because I respect your opinion.

    Bob Chapman has a Ted talk video think it is 17 minutes. If you watch it and you feel it is a snoozer, so be it!!!!

    I will say before results wise 15% dividend to shareholders while s&p average 3%. What are they doing allowing them to prosper as traditional folks struggle?

    Point is what they are doing is working. They are calling the “new” strategy People Centric Leadership.

    Now if you or when you watch is sharing something new you find inspiring worth sharing with middle managers?

    I was a Conference Champion Snow Ski racer in college. I also taught skiing for years. If I found a new technique that was better than what I learned doing it then what do I do?

    Share about the good old times or share the freshest most exciting techniques I just found out about?

    Yes my experience is valuable gives me context for an informed opinion of new stuff. Who better to tell fresh people how much better this new stuff is than what I had to work with?

    Barry Wehmiller is so different they created their own University to teach their communications technique and experiences.

    This is not your mommas communication technique!! What other CEO do you know who says his goal is for his employees to leave work fulfilled and inspired? Right none.
    That aught to create just a little curiosity, just enough to get 17 minutes to watch bobs Ted talk video.

    So I am interested in your opinion cause you are a grizzled veteran who succeeded in techniques soon to be obsolete.

    Why. Then comes Peter Diamandis. World changing! When is the last time a company of 13 people sold for a billion dollars? Only a few years old? Rules changing in epic ways.

    The whole world is entering a technological revolution of epic proportions. All rules are gonna change.

    When a bushman in Africa with an andriod phone has immediate access to more info instantly than bill clinton
    had as President the world is drastically changing.

    What strategy of running a horse and buggy business mattered after Henry Ford rolled out his model T? This is what is going on now only not many are aware. Peter Diamandis spells it out nicely. Free youtube video

    This will dramatically effect the way business works in ways we cannot see right now.

    This we do know. Kodak in 1996 I am sure had a manager with great ways to work with people. They discovered digital technology but ignored it. The phone dudes didn’t. Who is here now? What value is the Kodak manager management theory? Zilch

    So based on your experience Rob what is coming next… does it look to you?

    Simon Sinek 34 minute video. Listen to what he says and based on what you have learned about people in your years of experience what is your take on what he is saying? His video on people and business, brilliant! But want to know your take.

    I have read more books than most people I know. Not bragging but while reading Think and Grow Rich at 24 with no sales experience I sold 162,000 dollars worth of stuff in my first 62 days. In the job I am in now grew the branch sales from jan 2012 to April 2013 8400%. Using Frank Kerns ideas now.

    So based on your experience what about Frank Kern? He and his buddies sold the then record a few years ago 24 million dollars of stuff in a day. See ya Zig Ziglar, rules on Internet made your stuff obsolete. Need new info to deal with new world.

    That is why I am so interested in a grizzled veterans opinion. You check out what these guys are saying about is working now and see if a person in the upcoming world does what you did……will it be effective?

    Only way for you to know Rob is with an open mind check out their stuff.

    Very interested and respect your heartfelt opinion or would not have asked for it.

    Looking forward to your response when you have had the time to watch and listen and see what I am so excited about.

    Take care


    • Rob Aught says:

      Just busting your chops a bit there, Scott.

      I fully intend to start checking out some of the material but it’s going to be an overwhelming month for me. Looking forward to a breather next month.

      You would not believe how hard it is to crowbar just one post a day like I committed to myself right now.

      • Scott Powell says:

        No problem and deeply appreciate your heartfelt, wise, experienced opinion when you get a chance.

        Don’t know you well yet but my sense and what I really like about you do far is I believe you are a man of your word.

        Sincerely believe you will find 17 minutes to check out Bob Chapman.

        I believe you will find that so intriguing you want to know more. More next step is Simon’s 34 minute video.

        Then the most exciting part. You will join me as Why Champion and start blogging about Simon and Bob with as much enthusiasm as me.

        You will even tell me wow Scott why did I wait so long to open my mind to this and I see what you see.

        Then another Why Champion will be all about changing the world inspiring one mind at a time.

        With your background and experience and platform many more people will listen to you than me. Once we get 8 to 10 % understanding the most effective communication starts with why, it just works that way biologically, our limbric brain hears stuff first, getting that deep helps one realize the smarts it takes to begin communicating with people where their brain is starting with whatever info it takes in.

        It is like going into a home through the front door instead of talking outside the house hoping the person inside can hear you.

        Starting with Why gets you in the house sitting on the couch with the

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