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Friday Round-Up – Better late than never edition

After being out part of last week and more craziness this week it’s been a bear getting this put together. Seen on LinkedIn is this misleadingly titled article about getting yourself fired. Despite that, it’s good career advice. Fair warning,

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How to fix Middle Managers

Yesterday I asked the question “What is wrong with middle managers”? I’m not one to just point out problems. Here is my approach as both a manager and as an employee. For middle managers, there are some very basic rules

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What is wrong with middle managers?

Someone pointed out what I think is generally a fair observation. Middle managers tend to be obnoxious and out of touch. Why is that? They weren’t really asking me my thoughts but I think I surprised them that I could

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Regular updates will resume tomorrow

I apologize for the lack of updates. When I started this I had intended for a strict Monday through Friday scheduled and then announced Saturday updates as well. Circumstances last week have knocked me out of kilter and I am

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Take care of your team and they will take care of you

I had a family emergency late last week, thus no blogging there for a few days. A lot of companies pay lip service to the importance of morale, I try to live it. I allow employees to flex schedules, I

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Sharing some good advice

No big update today. Just wanted to leave you with this advice a former manager of mine told me. “Try to think about how the person two levels above you sees the organization.” If you can do that, you’ll find

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I hate the term “low information voter”

In general I want to avoid politics. This blog isn’t about politics, it’s about your career, leadership, and trying to keep your sanity while earning a paycheck. This isn’t about politics, it’s about attitude. That said, let me tell you

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