Confessions of a Middle Manager – Part 3 of many

I think it is stupid to.

That corporate directive you hate? That new policy that makes your job harder? A new process that adds no value? All the things you gripe and complain about, I hate them to.

I hate anything the company does that keeps us from being able to do our jobs. Anything that makes a task take longer and lowers morale impacts my bottom line. Ultimately, I have to control costs and most of my cost controls is meeting deadlines. I meet deadlines by making sure people stay productive. Forcing people to slow down for no good reason and lowering their morale are two productivity killers. So you see, I don’t see the value in it either.

However, I still have to enforce the rules. That’s my job. It is a part of the job I hate, but it’s still the job. Someone has to be the enforcer and while I hate the stupid rules I have to follow them and apply them because I need you to follow the rules that improve our quality, ensure that we are working as a team, and keep us out of trouble. I can be somewhat selective about how I choose to enforce the rules but I don’t have total discretion.

Sometimes, I am going to introduce a policy all my own that you’re not going to like. I know very well that some middle managers and executives do this so they can appear to be “doing something” about a problem or becuase they suddenly decided it’s a good idea. I don’t do that. I do sometimes have to introduce rules for our group though because of other events you may not be aware of. I don’t like it either and I feel your frustration, but this is not a democracy.

I do actually value your input and I feel your frustration. Unfortunately, by choosing to work at this company we also choose to abide by those rules. For me, that also means enforcing rules even when I think they are dumb.

Also, you can be as irritated or as angry at me as you need to be about it. I accept that as part of my job. Just don’t think that I necessarily accept the wisdom of every corporate policy or that you always have the big picture.

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2 comments on “Confessions of a Middle Manager – Part 3 of many
  1. Scott Powell says:

    Lol! Started at the branch I manage with the directive to go make friends with realtors and they will share business with us.

    Did and an increase of 8400%!!!! Man did that work, way beyond even my wildest dreams!!!!

    Logically even emotionally it seems they would want to capture the magic the genie in the bottle, right? Get this going in every other area of the company, right?????

    Next month directive, now all sales will be outbound calls from the call center!!!

    Sales have done nothing since but dwindle down since!!! Lol laughing better than crying I suppose!!!!

    Go figure!!!!!

    Have a great one Rob!

    I am!!!

    SP back into the fight!!!

  2. Justin Buck says:

    Great post, Rob! I love this old quote– “The one who sweeps the floor should pick the broom.”

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