I started my professional career in 1993 working my way up in a retail big box store before realizing I was signing up for a life of no weekends and no holidays. I worked numerous odd jobs to get through school including a brief transition through the restaurant industry and some work in security. I entered the technology field in 1996 working as a website designer but eventually learned new skills and languages and was a senior software engineer before promoting into management. For anyone who says programming doesn’t have a career path I’m living proof that it is there, but it is not a clear path. Up to today I worked as a software designer, technical team lead, consultant, and business analyst. I’ve managed just about every type of technology and project team you can think of. Eventually I moved into my present role as a Director of Technology for a large media conglomerate.

This blog is dedicated to the legions of workers who enter the workforce enthusiastic but confused by management decisions or career opportunities. I’m here to share my experiences, both good and bad. To give an honest perspective about how management thinks.

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