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How to fix Middle Managers

Yesterday I asked the question “What is wrong with middle managers”? I’m not one to just point out problems. Here is my approach as both a manager and as an employee. For middle managers, there are some very basic rules

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Take care of your team and they will take care of you

I had a family emergency late last week, thus no blogging there for a few days. A lot of companies pay lip service to the importance of morale, I try to live it. I allow employees to flex schedules, I

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Confessions of a Middle Manager – Part 3 of many

I think it is stupid to. That corporate directive you hate? That new policy that makes your job harder? A new process that adds no value? All the things you gripe and complain about, I hate them to. I hate

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Why I hate annual performance reviews

Here is a harsh reality that Corporate America wants to pretend isn’t true. By the time you get to a performance review your raise, your bonus, your promotion, etc. have pretty much been determined. Now your boss gets to justify

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The Firing of George

When I first heard about George Zimmer’s ouster from Men’s Wearhouse (source) I thought it was handled extremely poor. After processing this for awhile and seeing some of the reactions, I think there is a lesson to be learned here

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Friday Round-Up: Blogtastic Edition

New Friday, new Round-up. Just a hint, I’ll happily take submissions if anyone will send me some. I love reading other people’s experiences, ideas, and perspectives. I think Justin Buck is just trying to go for two in a row.

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Confessions of a middle manager – Part 2 of many

I talk to HR a lot. In my past jobs Human Resources was “The Great Obstructor”. When trying to find a job it was the HR department that you had to hope filtered you through to someone with actual hiring

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