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Friday Round-Up – Better late than never edition

After being out part of last week and more craziness this week it’s been a bear getting this put together. Seen on LinkedIn is this misleadingly titled article about getting yourself fired. Despite that, it’s good career advice. Fair warning,

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Take care of your team and they will take care of you

I had a family emergency late last week, thus no blogging there for a few days. A lot of companies pay lip service to the importance of morale, I try to live it. I allow employees to flex schedules, I

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Sharing some good advice

No big update today. Just wanted to leave you with this advice a former manager of mine told me. “Try to think about how the person two levels above you sees the organization.” If you can do that, you’ll find

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I hate the term “low information voter”

In general I want to avoid politics. This blog isn’t about politics, it’s about your career, leadership, and trying to keep your sanity while earning a paycheck. This isn’t about politics, it’s about attitude. That said, let me tell you

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Monsters University catches diversity perfectly

There is a great scene in Monsters University when the protagonists go to spy on Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski, who is entirely at the center of this story, asks the question “Can anyone tell me what all great scarers have

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Confessions of a Middle Manager – Part 3 of many

I think it is stupid to. That corporate directive you hate? That new policy that makes your job harder? A new process that adds no value? All the things you gripe and complain about, I hate them to. I hate

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Why I hate annual performance reviews

Here is a harsh reality that Corporate America wants to pretend isn’t true. By the time you get to a performance review your raise, your bonus, your promotion, etc. have pretty much been determined. Now your boss gets to justify

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